Patrick J. Ward, Ph.D. All of us at Counseling & Development Center are dedicated to helping others in times of choice, challenge, and need. That is why we offer services for growth and development as well as traditional therapy programs. Counseling and Development is committed to both the individual and the community.

We understand that while everyone is unique, we share many problems and challenges. Our therapists appreciate that we are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings; and that each of these facets require recognition, nurturing, and encouragement.

That is why our methods are based upon the recognition of the uniqueness of the individual along with an understanding of the stages we all grow through, whether it be a crisis situation or just an opportunity to learn about ourselves and grow. Our approach combines sensitivity and caring with years of clinical experience for every aspect of ourselves and our lives.

Our center has been a part of the community for over 18 years, offering a full range of services from traditional therapy to testing and evaluations. Our methods are based upon experience and scientific principles, developed overtime and proven effective. Our therapists are dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families and organizations, including the courts, legal and medical communities. Each of our services are designed to meet the unique needs of each person and help them on the road to growth and wellness.

Patrick J. Ward, Ph.D CEO